What is our aim?

We aim to gather all of the famous and infamous members of the Creepypasta community under one roof so the fans and supporters may have a chance to meet their inspirations. Our goal as a group is to legitimize Creepypasta and all internet short form horror and truly establish ourselves as a community. Each member of the convention team has the dedication and skills required to pull off one of the best and creepiest convention there has ever been!

Who are we?

  • ClericofMadness: Yes. The Dark Lord himself is part of the team. If it wasn’t for him JtK wouldn’t have had a venue, so feel free to hate him.
  • Banning: JtK 2015, need we say more?
  • Vngel: A dedicated rollbacker and excellent contributor to the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • Fist: Oh yeah… this guy… Nothing to see here, people. Move it along…
  • Shadowswimmer: You may know him from his Wicker Saga… but probably not.

Interested in helping?

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