Volunteers for the Convention

If you are interested in working with the team and want to attend our weekly discord meetings, please write ‘Volunteer Submission,’ at the top of your contact request.

Below, please briefly describe your expertise (Marketing, Finance, Logistics, IT, etc.) and your affiliation with Creepypasta, No Sleep or any of the other short form horror venues on the internet.

Please remember if you do volunteer the expectations will be that you attend our weekly meeting which takes place Wednesdays at 9 PM EST. Feel free to send questions using the contact page. We also need individuals who have expertise at writing non-fiction or have journalism experience to assist in a project we are working on in correlation with the convention.

Please don’t hesitate to volunteer, even if you don’t have a set of skills. We can still find ways to utilize dedicated individuals; this is for the community, by the community and our number one goal is to get everybody involved!